How to Download 9anime App for Android TV Free in 2024

Are you bored of watching anime on your mobile’s small screen and wish it would be better on a bigger screen like Android TV? Don’t worry today we will know how you can download the 9anime app for Android TV.

Earlier I used to watch on the small screen on mobile but then I tried it myself and downloaded this app on Android TV. From that experience, I can guarantee that the step-by-step effort I will give will make it easier for you to download this app.

So friends without wasting any more time let’s see the step-by-step by which we can download this app on Android TV very easily.

Why to Download the 9anime on Android TV?

So let’s see why we should download this anime streaming app for Android TV.

  • Big Screen: You can enjoy anime movies, and TV shows on a big screen and feel like a theatre.
  • HD Quality: The video quality of Android TV is generally better than the small-screen mobile.
  • High Audio: Sometimes we don’t feel good watching a movie with low audio. So, you can watch live shows with better sound on TV.

Download step-by-step 9anime app for Android TV

As it is not easy to download any third-party app on Android TV, I have tried my best to guide you to download it easily.

  • Open the Android TV and find the search option.
  • Click on it and type ‘Downloader’. Navigate the downloader app.
  • Download and open the app.
  • Paste this link ‘‘ and tap on the go option.
  • The 9anime app will be downloaded. Then allow some permissions and install the anime apk.

My Personal Experience

If I talk about my personal experience, I will say that first I tried to download the app by making a mistake.

At first, I thought that it might download on Android TV the same way it does on a computer. But when I failed then after checking various articles I came to know that there is an app called ‘Downloader’ which can help me to download the 9anime app.

So finally I tried to download using that method and it downloaded successfully in my case.


So guys I think this article I wrote on downloading the 9anime app for Android TV is enough for you. I do not doubt that if you try to download using this method, you won’t face any problems.

Still, if you have any problem downloading then you can contact us and also feel free to suggest any other topic related to 9anime.

FAQs and Answers

No, 9anime does not have any app for TV. You need to download the app through the downloader app on your TV.

Yes, the app is free on any platform as well as on Android TV.

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