How to Download 9Anime APK for Roku TV free?

Are you having trouble while downloading the 9anime APK for Roku TV and want to know the simple process of downloading it? Then, don’t worry! You have landed in the perfect place.

I will make sure you how to download the 9anime app on Roku TV and enjoy the wide range of anime movies and dubbed shows.

I promise you if you read this article completely step by step then you will not have any problem downloading the 9anime app on Roku TV. I can say this for sure because in the past I have also downloaded this exact method which you won’t find from YouTube or anywhere else. I figured it out this way by researching a lot.

How to Download & import the 9Anime APK for Roku TV?

It is very easy to download this application on Roku TV like other devices. But yes since it is not an Android TV it will take some extra time compared to others.

  • Step 1: Enable Screen Mirroring: Make sure your Roku TV has screen mirroring turned on. If it is not enabled, you need to do it by visiting the settings of the TV.
  • Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources: You will need to enable “Unknown Sources”. To do this, go to Settings > System > Developer Options. Under “Unknown sources”, select “Enable”.
  • Step 3: Download 9anime: Download the app file from the official website or our site (
  • Step 4: Transfer the Apk to Your Roku TV: Transfer the downloaded Apk file to your Roku TV using a USB drive.
  • Step 5: Access the USB Drive: Place the Roku TV’s USB port on the USB drive containing the Apk file.
  • Step 6: Install File Manager: Download and install a file manager app from the Roku Channel Store if you don’t already have one on your Roku TV.
  • Step 7: Locate the Apk File: Open the file manager and navigate to the USB drive. Locate the 9anime file.
  • Step 8: Install 9anime Apk: Select the Apk file and choose the “Install” option.
  • Step 7: Launch the app: After the installation is finished, you can start the 9anime app from the home screen of your Roku TV.

Common Installation Issues & Solutions

When you are going to install any unofficial applications like 9anime can occasionally cause issues. Here are a few typical problems and their fixes I provided in the below section.

  • App Crashes: Reinstall the 9anime Apk or restart your Roku TV if it crashes.
  • No Sound or Video: Check your TV’s audio and video settings to ensure they are correctly configured.

Is it Legal to Use the 9anime App on Roku TV?

You are asking whether the 9anime apk is legal for Roku TV but the question is not only about Roku TV it is about the application. If we get to that point it will not a good news that 9anime is not legal as it provides all the copyrighted content fetched from other sources and also they don’t provide any amount for these liabilities.

But, don’t need to worry. You won’t be affected for this reason.

Safety Concerns and Tips

It’s crucial to use caution when using applications like the 9anime app.

  • Use a VPN: Use a VPN to protect your security and privacy while streaming.
  • Avoid Personal Information: Do not provide personal information on the app.
  • Regularly Update: Update your 9anime Apk and Roku TV to increase security.


Hopefully, if you follow all the information I have provided in this article, your problem will be solved. But one thing friends, you have to read the entire article first then you can apply. After that if there is any problem or any other question to ask then you can certainly do it to us through comments.

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